Mike Says I Can Get A Cat of My Own

I’ve been living the life of a solo cat for going on four years now.  It’s a good life, but I’d sure love to have a kitten of my own to play with sometimes.

Here’s the deal, though.  I’m a good cat.  I mean I’m a REALLY good cat.  I know what I’m allowed to do and what I’m not and I usually follow the rules.  I don’t get on tables or counters and I don’t bother people for bites of their food (I don’t care for people food at all).  I scratch my scratching things and not furniture.  I come when I’m called (unless I’m busy).  And I ALWAYS use my litter box.  Brush me and I’ll be your friend FOREVER!  Another thing that I’m good at is being company.  You can take me to a hotel, or someone else’s house and once you show me where my litter box, my scratching things, and my food bowl are, I remember, and I use them.  I’m kind of more like a dog than a cat when it comes to these sorts of things actually.  But most cats aren’t.  And my Mom travels a lot.  And sometimes she’s gone for a long time.  I’m welcomed at other people’s homes because I’m so good.

If I was to get a cat of my own, it might not be as good as I am.

We asked Mike (who is going to let me stay at his house when my Mom is in Malawi this summer) if I got another cat would he be willing to let us BOTH stay, and he said “Yes”! 

So, do I get a cat of my own and hope that it is as good as me?  Or do I not chance it?  What if the new kitty pees everywhere, scratches furniture, and climbs on tables and stuff.  That’d be bad!

Dilemma!  What to do, what to do???


Stephanie and Clare

I recently met these two amazing girls, Stephanie and Clare.

That’s it! 

What?  I’m a cat.  Typing is difficult.  Gotta keep it short.  And sweet.

Been Busy!

I know, I know, Mew Ling hasn’t posted anything new lately.  But she’s been busy.  Primarily busy with finding new places to sleep.  As a general rule, she has two daytime spots in which she prefers to lounge.  There’s a spot at the foot of my bed, and another on the back of one of my couches.  But lately, it seems she’s trying to find a new favorite place.  Every time I see her, she’s camped out in a new spot.  She’s trying out all the other spots on the back of the couch and the love seat.  And she’s been trying out the big chair.  And she’s been hanging out under my bed and she’s been stretched out on any number of the stairs leading to the second floor.  And this morning I found her curled up on the floor in my spare bedroom in front of a small chest on which my computer printer sits.  It doesn’t appear she’s found a new favorite spot yet, and she might not be back until she does.  She’s busy.

Hate Speech

While doing a random internet search looking for statistics on the best cat litter, I came across this “cartoon”.  It smacks of speciesism, and I am calling for it to be added to Al Sharpton’s list of ”hate speech”.  Even if it is just a little bit funny, and maybe more than a little bit true. 

Map of the Cat's Brain

Yes, That’s Right!

I’m a cat, and I have a blog.  Get used to it!  When it came to picking the design of my blog, it was a slamdunk which one’d I’d pick.  This one is called “Sandbox”.  How perfect is THAT?! 

I heard that there were other cats out there who had blogs of their own.  So I thought I’d get one.  I probably won’t write often.  We’ll just have to see how it goes!